Curriculum Vitae

Mr Johan Van Vuuren



Personal Information:
Surname: Jansen van Vuuren
First names: Christoffel Johannes
Gender: Male
Born: 1962
Academic and professional qualifications:
2014 Accredited Mediator of the High Court of Namibia.
1989 B Proc at the University of Free State.
1981 Matric at Outjo Secondary School.
Professional Career:
2014 to date Accredited Mediator of the High Court of Namibia.
1992 to date Practicing as Legal Practitioner of the High and Supreme Court of Namibia.
1991 Military Service South Africa.
1990 Practicing as Legal Practitioner (Professional Assistant) of the High Court of South Africa at Bezuidenhoudt and Co, Bloemfontein.
1986 – 1989 Articles as Candidate Attorney at Bezuidenhoudt and Co, Bloemfontein.
Experience in Mediation:
2014 to date Acted as Mediator 14 mediations of which 11 were successful, 2 failed and 1 in the one party did not attend the mediation.
Involvement in Cases:
Attened to various High Court Cases personally as well as Istructing Legal Practitioner involving Criminal as well as Civil Cases. Acting as Istructing Legal Practitionerin the Supreme Court of Namibia in inter alia the cases of Ettiene Stip vs Elsa Stip and Master of the High Court, JJJ van der Berg vs Minister of Home Affairs, Southline Rental Centre (Pty) Ltd vs B P Namibia Ltd, Namib Contract Haulage vs Trailer Spares and Repairs.

Attended to various Criminal and Civil matters in the Lower Courts (District and Regional Courts) as well as Court Martails by the Namibian Defence Force and Disciplinary Hearings by the Namibian Police Force

Johan van Vuuren was born in Grootfontein, Namibia and marticulated at Outjo Secondary School. He obtained his B Proc degree at the University of the Free State in 1989 after part time studies. He was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 1990. At the end of 1991 he returned to Namibia and was admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Namibia in January 1992 and practiced as such up to date. He has been practicing mainly in general civil litigation as well as criminal cases. Since 2014 he also acted as Mediator in various mediations.