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Dispute resolution procedures alternative to court litigation, mainly in the form of mediation and arbitration, have gained much force in recent years.


In Namibia, since June 2014, some 57% of cases referred to mediation under the new High Court rules settled, resulting in litigation costs savings of a minimum of N$ 55 000 000.00. With the assistance of a well-trained and experienced mediator the success rate may be increased to 90%, as in the USA and UK.


The benefits of arbitration are:

  • the parties select an arbitrator having the training and experience proportionate to the requirements of their case.
  • savings in costs, because the arbitrator designs an expeditious, efficient and cost-effective procedure tailor-made for the parties’ case.


We provide commercial and civil mediation and arbitration services including:

  • the appointment of the mediator and/or arbitrator
  • the administration of the mediation and/or arbitration
  • the provision of mediation and arbitration rules aimed at expeditious, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution
  • arrangement of the venue, recording of the arbitration hearings and refreshments
  • management of the finances


Mediation is a voluntary confidential process before an independent impartial person, the mediator, who takes no decision binding on the parties, but guides them to a negotiated settlement.


Arbitration is a voluntary private judicial process before an independent impartial person, the arbitrator, who takes a decision called an award which is binding on the parties.

Panel Memebers

Appoint a mediator or arbitrator from our panel. Our panel members have the training and experience tailor-made for the requirements of your case.